Flat Benches
  • 420 - Block Leg Bench
  • 420 - Block Leg Bench
420 - Block Leg Bench

This bench provides a simple modern design.  We offer three models of our block leg bench, #420, #420SK, #420SK2.  The #420SK and #420SK2 features anti-skate indentations instead of a bump.  The indentations still provide an effective way to deter skateboarding without having the ability to be removed.  #420SK has anti-skate indentations on one side of the bench and the #420SK2 has anti-skate indentations on both sides of the bench.

*These items only available in a sandblasted texture: light, medium, or heavy

Product Specs:

Size:  29 1/2" x 17 3/4" x 116 1/2"
Weight:  2300 LBS
Skate Resistant:  420SK, 420SK2

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