June 2018
Client: Hacienda La Puente Unified School District
Location: Hacienda Heights, California
Product: Signs and Benches

In the beginning of 2017, the Hacienda La Puente Unified School District began receiving precast concrete signs and benches for their school campuses.  Currently, we are providing more schools and offices of the district with signs and benches.

Each school has received a sign (model #730S) that includes columns and column caps.  The sign itself features the school mascot/logo, school name, "Home of...", and the school address-all done in the appropriate school colors.  The columns feature a rock veneer.  Our nano technology barrier sealer was used on the entire sign and columns.  This particular sealer is great for schools because it helps make clean-up of graffiti a breeze.  It also gives the rock on the columns a wet look.

Benches were also delivered to each school campus.  The schools utilized two models, the #419SKB and the #419SK2B.  These models compliment each other as one is a backed bench and the other is a flat bench.  Both have integral anti-skate bumps and a center armrest, and included the nano technology barrier sealer.  For customization, the #419SKB (backed bench) featured a cast in school mascot/logo and the school name engraved on the backrest.  We also included anti-skate indentions on the backrest.  The flat bench included cast in school mascots/logos.  The benches will provide durable and reliable seating for many students for years to come.

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