What we do


Since our start in 1985, Outdoor Creations Inc has operated under a single commitment to provide high quality, cost effective products with the highest level of customer service.


All of the items in our product line are designed for heavy use environments of parks, schools, campgrounds, retail locations and other recreational areas.


We are dedicated to a vigorous quality assurance program to insure all A.S.T.M. standards are maintained by our suppliers. Concrete samples are scheduled regularly to determine compressive strength, concrete slump, air content, water content and unit weight.

Customer Service

Our most valuable assets are our customers. We use only in-house, factory sales people who provide everything from product education before the sale to product service after the sale. We will always be able to provide you an in-person sales experience

Concrete Colors

We offer a variety of concrete colors to make your project unique. Please click here to view our concrete color chart.


Innovation: noun 1. A new idea, method or device.
Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary. 2015.

Being the innovators of true one-piece concrete site amenities, it is key to apply our original principals to the needs of our ever changing market. It is our goal to provide products that are more effective and exceed our customers’ overall expectations. We continue to push the envelope and develop cutting-edge products that stay true to our fundamental core values. That’s why staying up to date with the latest technology is a top priority. To better serve our customers, we have invested in equipment that allows us to manufacture a wide array of standard and custom precast concrete products.